Outsourcing of goods

Why VERTEX GROUP opens representative offices abroad?

Because we strive to become a transnational corporation, taking into account the interests of international business.

Years of experience with foreign partners and suppliers, and having our own offices in China, Korea, Japan, India, Germany, the United States with high quality and helps in the short term to search for products and suppliers on request.

The company provides comprehensive services for outsourcing goods abroad:

- Finding reliable suppliers and manufacturers of necessary goods;
- Negotiating with suppliers and manufacturers on your behalf;
- Organization of visits to factories and plants of your choice;
- Provide samples of products and goods;
- Preparation and signing of contracts with foreign suppliers and manufacturers. Today, VERTEX GROUP provides active engagement with partners and suppliers of the BRIC countries - Brazil, India, China, as the most dynamic economies of the modern world. We were among the first to provide service to work with the business community in India, opening for the unique achievements of Russian enterprises and the conquest of this closed country for Russian business in the area of high technology, medicine, energy, heavy industry and light industry.

VERTEX GROUP – мы эффективно решаем задачи любой сложности по воплощению Ваших коммерческих замыслов, связанных с поиском товаров и поставщиков во всём мире.