Warehousing and Consolidation

Why VERTEX GROUP reliable partner in business?

Because we understand the business of our partners.

We suggest you use our services warehouse logistics

in heated warehouses Class «A» and «B» in Russia, China and Germany, such as: - Secure storage;
- Receiving and placing goods in stock;
- Completion of orders and the formation of the shipping units;
- Labeling, packaging and repackaging;
- Selection of the goods;
- Movement of goods in a warehouse on the principle of FIFO, LIFO, FEFO;
- Delivery of goods from the warehouse;
- Informing the customer about the shipment of goods from the warehouse;
- Making all the standard shipping documentation;
- Providing personal manager;
- Inventory;
- Preparation of required reports;
- Acceptance of covered wagons, containers, trucks;
- Cross-docking, etc.

VERTEX GROUP provides regular consolidation and shipment of small consignments with a minimum of delay.

- Organization of cargo delivery without the weight and volume;
- Формирование грузовых партий для последующей отправки в Российскую Федерацию из Европы и КНР;
- Repackaging of goods in accordance with export conditions, the protective wrapping stretch film, enhancing the original packaging;
- Insurance of goods;
- Delivery «to door» in Russia.

VERTEX GROUP - we do not just develop the optimal solution, we make a commitment to its further implementation.