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What is culture VERTEX GROUP?

«Partnership» and «friendship» - the concept of equal value for all of us! We respect your business and the business of our partners.

Japan has joined the global community for all

and makes a worthy contribution to the welfare of the peoples of the world, getting the words «Made in Japan» that were previously associated with the goods of poor quality, is now seen as synonymous with excellent products. Companies such as Sony, Matsushita Electric, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and others have become an example of progressive politics of Japanese management. In recent years, Russia has increased interest in Japanese management methods and techniques as well as the rapid success of the economy of this country has allowed her to take a leading position in the world. Japan is the world's largest producer of passenger cars, dominated the production of almost all types of bulk semiconductor chips, recognized as the most competitive country in the world, is a leader in providing literacy, social policy, quality of life. These and other successes are largely due to the high level management, whose founders were Matsushita, Kurata, Isizaka, Honda, Morita, Ibuka.

We will help you organize your business with Japanese companies in the shortest possible time.

For more than three years, we provide a supply of electronics equipment, car parts from Japan to Russia, CIS countries, the United States. We provide representation services in Tokyo, Osaka. We conclude international contracts on mutually beneficial terms for all parties to the transaction. We provide the organization of transport and warehousing for domestic and international shipments of goods of any complexity.

VERTEX GROUP Japan - Your logistics provider in the market of High-Tech industry.

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