Business with Europe

What is a transport business?

This ability to optimize the transport process, combining time and space.

Business in Europe – currently the most profitable way to generate income.

With the success of small and medium-sized businesses will be guaranteed to the EU economy and develop effectively. With it begins to develop healthy competition, many large firms are almost forced to increase its production and use of new technologies. Business in Europe, the most popular in the construction industry, food industry and trade. A special incentive to deliver cargo from Europe became more and more popular for consumers in Russia, is the Internet trading. The growing number of foreign domestic users online stores and auctions (eg, e-bay) leads to the activation of trade between countries at the retail level. Increasingly, delivery of goods from the U.S., Europe is buying multimedia innovations, affordable clothing, luxury goods for the Russian market in different areas.

VERTEX GROUP offers an exclusive service

delivery of goods from all over Europe, in Germany and the consolidation of shipment to Russia by any mode of transport. The individual approach allows to develop the most optimal route of delivery with customs clearance in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Novosibirsk. VERTEX GROUP - we open for you to markets in Western and Eastern Europe, creating the most favorable conditions to develop your business in Russia and abroad.

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