Business with the U.S.

What is important to us?

Have the ability to achieve results in a team of professionals.

The U.S. market is attractive for many reasons, primarily its size.

Effective demand the highest in the world, so to be represented in this market is very important for any company. In recent years the scope of delivery is experiencing increased demand for transportation of goods from the United States. Historically, the USA is a supplier of a wide range of types of products demanded in the global market than happy to use retailers and private customers in Russia. Well-established supply network equipment and consumer goods of the largest seaports of the United States - South Louisiana, Houston, New York, Beaumont. Ability to send cargo by air due to the existing extensive network of agents at the airports of New York, Washington, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas.

We offer a professional and effective approach to the intercontinental transport of goods, supplies and equipment.

We develop an optimal route, accompany the container from the U.S. warehouse to the port of departure, as soon as possible immerse the container on a ship in the port of arrival overload on a cargo vehicle or train, and, finally, to ensure their safety and timely delivery at the agreed place of final discharge.

VERTEX GROUP of the U.S. contributes to the development of your business in the North American continent.

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