Because each cargo is valuable to us!

VERTEX Air Freight - a guaranteed service and delivery on a certain day.

When you have fixed-term administration of high-value, you need to know that they will be delivered on time, whether it will be delivered within the country or anywhere in the world. Global Services Delivery of cargo shipments VERTEX Air Freight meet most requirements for the period of transportation of cargo - from emergency guaranteed delivery the next morning to a standard international transport. We provide you with a range of flexible services to deliver your goods to the right address in the desired time period.

We offer guaranteed delivery of airmail freight on the principle «from door to door».

While many carriers offer you only the range of terms of transportation, we know that this is for VERTEX Air Freight is not enough. We offer delivery of items within a specified time and day to give you the necessary predictability and flexibility.

International transportation:

- Door to Airport - delivery of cargo from the warehouse to the sender of any airport in the world.
- Door to Door - delivery of cargo from warehouse to warehouse Sender Receiver.
- Airport to Airport - Airport delivery of cargo from origin to destination airport.
- Airport to Door - delivery of cargo from the airport of departure and its delivery to the consignee's warehouse.

Choosing VERTEX Air Freight, you make a choice in favor of saving their own money, with the win in the quality and reliability.