Customs clearance

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Any goods that are, by definition, a commercial parties, regardless of their size, value and country of origin, subject to customs clearance in Russia. This procedure requires some effort, knowledge, workflow, and high legal awareness of who performs it. In order to successfully and without delay to arrange shipment arrived, it is necessary not only to collect the required set of documents, but also to verify the presence in them of all necessary information, the correct execution and completion. Years of experience VERTEX GROUP in the field of customs clearance and interaction with the customs authorities enables us to carry out customs clearance of goods without delay and delay.

Customs clearance of goods in the territory of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union:

- The customs value of goods, including risk assessment and approval of the CCC;
- A preliminary calculation of fees and charges;
- Clearance of import and export operations;
- Preparation of necessary documents and registration of declarations;
- Electronic declaration of goods;
- Remote declaration of goods;
- Representation of your interests in the customs authorities;
- Advice on general and specific issues of customs clearance;
- Promotion of traders in matters of foreign economic activity. Customs clearance of your cargo is carried in a variety of special customs procedures (export, import, processing of goods, temporary import / export).

Customs clearance of the VERTEX GROUP - high-quality service in a short time.