Business with China

The more you benefit from the partnership VERTEX GROUP?

Partnering with us - is to minimize transportation costs, save time and increase your business around the world.

The geopolitical position of our country - between two dynamically developing center of business activity: Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific region (APR) - defines a particular key role of Russia in ensuring transport links between Europe and Asia.

One of the priorities of the Business Development Company VERTEX GROUP

an increase in the volume of transit trade and transport along the Trans-Siberian railway, road through the border crossings of China and Kazakhstan, China and Russia. Since its inception, we have proven to be an active participant in the development and strengthening of transport linkages, partnerships with neighboring countries. Currently, Chinese companies are reviving interest in the carriage of cargo in transit to Russia and the Trans-Siberian in the CIS and European countries. More and more Chinese companies are actively investing capital in the construction of new facilities in Russia. In connection with this increasing demand for transport of components and finished products. More and more Russian entrepreneurs build their business on a partnership with Chinese companies, we actively promote the strengthening of trade relations between the two major powers on the Eurasian continent.

VERTEX GROUP China - we are open to you the secrets of the oldest and best country in the world.