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Rail transportation is an integral part of transportation, especially in Russia - a country with a large land extension. Features rail transportation are given the presence of railroad tracks and nodes in a given geographical point, however, due to the large branching g / g network, they are almost ubiquitous.

Advantages g / d traffic:

- The regularity of posts.
- The high speed of delivery.
- Reliability.
- Low cost.

There are many types of carriage of goods by rail:

transportation in wagons, open wagons, platforms, tanks, tank-thermoses, etc. Based on the significant experience and expertise in the area w / e transport specialists of VERTEX GROUP offers you the most efficient route and time of delivery, as well as to orient the form of delivery and will calculate the cost of transportation. To date, using the rail, we deliver in the format «from door to door» and «door-to-station of destination», among which you can choose the suitable one for you.

The work of staff LTD VERTEX GROUP distinguishes

high proficiency, clarity, responsibility and attention to every client. Rail freight with VERTEX Rail Freight - is the optimum time and cost, ease of interaction and confidence in the safety of the goods.